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Data Analytics Projects

[Data Visualization] 
VW Beetle Market Insights

I enjoy VW Beetles and data! In fact, I have a 1958 Beetle that I like to take out ocassionally. This project aims to provide valuable insights into VW Beetle pricing and trends for other collectors and enthusiasts. By automating the data scraping from the web and visualizing it using advanced charting types like hex-tile maps, line-bar chart, and dynamic filtering in Tableau, we can gain new insights into this niche market. The resulting dashboard will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the VW Beetles, providing an updated and comprehensive overview of pricing and trends over time.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 093752.png

Data Scraping & Acquisition

I noticed that pricing data for classic VW sales was either expensive, incomplete, or difficult to find. This project aims to solve that by using Python and familiar libraries like BeautifulSoup, Pandas, and others.  I decided to curate a pricing dataset for Beetles (Type-1's) of all years. This dataset is updated several times each week and originates from hundreds of auction houses around the world. While it may not be exhaustive, it's a good sample!

Screenshot 2024-05-21 125207_edited_edit

Sales Correlation Anlysis

In this project, I used supermarket sales data to determine which key drivers contributed to sales.  I used Pandas, NumPy, MatPlotLib, SciKit-learn and Seaborn to clean and visualize the results.


Search Speed & Efficiency

I was asked to write the search logic for the website. They are a peer-to-peer platform that connects users. They experienced a dramatic loss of performance in their search speed. After I refactored the logic and simplified the calculations, the search time dropped from 5+ minutes (yikes!) to 0.6 seconds.

Coding SQL Query in a PHP file using Ato
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